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Lead GenerationLead Generation can be one of the most critical components of a business' marketing strategy.

In a digital world, there are a few main ways that companies approach lead generation. These would include: Content Marketing Strategy, digital Pay-Per-Click Ads, display ads, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

One of the most popular is developing Content Marketing Strategy. Content marketing is where an organization produces relevant content and publishes and share that content with their target audience.

Most of the time, this content is in the form of Blog posts. These 400 - 600 word stories or insight work well to establish you as a thought leader and trusted advisor. A Blog is usually published on the company website. This shows the search engines that you are actively engaged in your industry. Posts optimized for specific search terms will have a better chance at appearing in search results.

Pushing your content to relevant social media channels is also beneficial. There are groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that your target prospect is a member of. Joining and participating in those groups will establish you as an active member of that community.

Establishing an online advertising budget can produce quick and effective results. Pay-per-click advertising is like creating small, very targeted classified that will be displayed when your prospect is searching or researching your product or service. Similarly, display ads work in the same manner. You create different sized ads, and join an ad network. If a user has searched for one of your targeted search terms, your ad will be displayed on websites in that network, like Weather Channel, local news, popular Blogs etc.

Online Lead Generation is a great way to get your name, brand, products and services in front of your target audience. Let i360 Group help you with the process.



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