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Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management or CRM is a term that began to gain traction in the late 1990's and the turn of the new century. Essentially it is a management and operation philosophy that tracks every contact that you have with a customer.

When this is accomplished, an organization can anticipate future moves and trends of their customers. Information travels across departments, improving communication, customer service and profitability.

The use of CRM software as an operational tool allows for the collection and management of critical information. An organization can look to one place for any customer information, whether it is sales related, marketing, operations, customer service, or upper management. This centralized repository of data builds a knowledgebase that stays with the organization.

i360 Group has been actively involved in CRM software application since 1997. In fact, we utilized our own home grown, web based version for several years. In 2004, we migrated to the Open Source application called Sugar CRM and decided to customize it for our purpose as a professional services company. The beauty of Open Source is that there are no software licensing fees. This makes the initial purchase affordable for smaller organizations.

All CRM applications require customization to work the way that your organization works, and Sugar CRM is easily customizable.

Another CRM application that we have extensive experience with is Microsoft CRM. The latest version has really made Microsoft a major player in the CRM software market. MS/CRM integrates with Outlook, Sharepoint and the other software application from Microsoft. As with the other Microsoft products, there are software licensing costs, but if an organization has an investment in other Microsoft server solutions, MS/CRM leverages those investments and will provide a substantial ROI for the small to mid-sized organizations.

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